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Contact Managers are in abundance, but to have one that is
quick, simple, and easy to use ...       ...AREN'T 

  • Better management of your Local Business Contacts
  • No Risk of your Spreadsheet getting corrupted and LOSING everything
  • Records of What you talked about with EVERY contact
  • Ability to do a "BROADCAST" e-mail
  • Ability to "Categorize" contacts, i.e. chiropractor, a/c, lawyers
  • Create report of everyone you have scheduled to call that Day
  • Set next Action Item
  • Schedule next call or meeting
  • Individually e-mail clients directly from the CRM system
  • Integrated Auto Responder
  • Track Expenses
  • Create Invoices

Building the My-InTouch system to be User-Friendly, easy to learn, and an exceptional value was my goal. User's of Symantec's ACT!, GoldMine, or SalesForce.com have all experienced the long learning curve to effectively use these tools, and thousands have managed to do so very well. Between the long learning curve and price, many have abandoned these major tools and again find themselves struggling to manage their contacts, some resorting back to spreadsheets or worse yet piles of bits of paper.
You can be entering contact information in less than 60 seconds with My-InTouch and generating reports and follow up notes in less than 5 minutes.
And very affordable - for only a $14.95 sign up fee (after your 30 day FREE trial) and only $14.95 a month.

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